My 48h Bushcraft / Bivouac Backpack




Introduction: My 48h Bushcraft / Bivouac Backpack

Hi everyone! :) (sorry for my english, french is my mother tongue)

On Instructables i saw many many BoB or EDC bag, but what do you have to buy if you are not a survivalist?

I'm gonna share you my backpack for a one night bivouac, not for a survivalist or pro-bushcrafter, but just for wilderness lovers.

Step 1: My Backpack

My backpack is very simple, because i don't need a sophisticated bag for 1 night.

I bought it in a famous sport shop in france (Decathlon) for 20€ (25US$) or a little bit more.

It's a 40L bag, and that's more than enough!

Step 2: Time to Sleep!

After a long day of trekking, you just want to have a good sleep so, for one or two nights, i just take my ultra compact sleeping bag and my ticket to the moon hammock.

that the best things you can take with you for 1 or 2 nights, simple, small, efficient.

Step 3: Security

For small problems, you MUST have an emergency case, compact and useful.

You can buy that for only 5 euros, so don't DIY it because inside a 5€ emergency kit, everything you need will be inside.

Step 4: Security

For your security, try to keep lights with you.

I always have with me 2 frontal lamps (petzl) and a camp lamp (that's a bluetooth speaker to lol)

I can charge my phone and the camp lamp with my small solar charger, and that's so useful!

I always keep my small military shovel with me because that is a tool i can need in an extreme situation, or exceptional problem.

Step 5: Secondary Things You'll Need

There is many secondary things you will have to bring with you:

- A knife , i use an Opinel N°8 outdoor

- a waterproof box (for matches, lighter etc...)

- a firesteel, but you always have to take a LIGHTER

For me that is the essential things you have to bring with you, now feel free to add things you want.

As you can see, with my stuff, i have a big backpack for not so many things to put inside, that's normal, so please don't forget to take something to eat and clothes to wear ;)

Thank you and see you soon :)

(Sorry again for my english)


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    5 years ago

    This only works in the warmest of nights, due to the fact that you will compress the sleeping bags insulation and get a cold back.

    You can extend the temperature range a tiny bit if you bring an insulation mat, like the ones used for cars windshields. You can extend it seriously if you bring a proper camping foam mat.


    6 years ago

    Hey Max: I don't see paracord in your pack. You might need this for your hammock (unless it is included in the bag) but you should still have paracord for anything unknown. You could even break it down for fishing line. Speaking of fish, I do not see any mention of food... Other than that the pack looks good, and I like your solar charger. I need to get that in my BOB. Thanks!


    Reply 6 years ago


    i agree with you, i don't talk about food because i just want to talk about the "stuff" you need to go in the wilderness for one or two days. I think food depends of your tastes, because some people want military food for bivouac, others bbq, others vegetables so... that's not easy to talk about it.

    For the paracord, i have 5m in the hammock bag, but you're right i forgot it ;)

    After for the fishing line, it will depends of your location. I don't need it where i live with my girlfriend because there is no water, but when i'm at my parents' there is the atlantic ocean, so i take a small fishing rod every time.

    Thank you for your comment

    Robert Park
    Robert Park

    6 years ago

    Your English just fine. I appreciated your "seasoned" knowlelge about what to take Sounds practical, reasonable. I was paid (Forest Service) to be in the back country for a lot of years. 14 day stints. You distilled down the necessities very well. Just what to take. Tres bien. See, I can't write French.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Bonjour !

    thank you very much for your comment :)