Introduction: My 48h Bushcraft / Bivouac Backpack

Hi everyone! :) (sorry for my english, french is my mother tongue)

On Instructables i saw many many BoB or EDC bag, but what do you have to buy if you are not a survivalist?

I'm gonna share you my backpack for a one night bivouac, not for a survivalist or pro-bushcrafter, but just for wilderness lovers.

Step 1: My Backpack

My backpack is very simple, because i don't need a sophisticated bag for 1 night.

I bought it in a famous sport shop in france (Decathlon) for 20€ (25US$) or a little bit more.

It's a 40L bag, and that's more than enough!

Step 2: Time to Sleep!

After a long day of trekking, you just want to have a good sleep so, for one or two nights, i just take my ultra compact sleeping bag and my ticket to the moon hammock.

that the best things you can take with you for 1 or 2 nights, simple, small, efficient.

Step 3: Security

For small problems, you MUST have an emergency case, compact and useful.

You can buy that for only 5 euros, so don't DIY it because inside a 5€ emergency kit, everything you need will be inside.

Step 4: Security

For your security, try to keep lights with you.

I always have with me 2 frontal lamps (petzl) and a camp lamp (that's a bluetooth speaker to lol)

I can charge my phone and the camp lamp with my small solar charger, and that's so useful!

I always keep my small military shovel with me because that is a tool i can need in an extreme situation, or exceptional problem.

Step 5: Secondary Things You'll Need

There is many secondary things you will have to bring with you:

- A knife , i use an Opinel N°8 outdoor

- a waterproof box (for matches, lighter etc...)

- a firesteel, but you always have to take a LIGHTER

For me that is the essential things you have to bring with you, now feel free to add things you want.

As you can see, with my stuff, i have a big backpack for not so many things to put inside, that's normal, so please don't forget to take something to eat and clothes to wear ;)

Thank you and see you soon :)

(Sorry again for my english)