My Alcohol Stove

Introduction: My Alcohol Stove

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 I was going to make an alcohol stove, a chimney stove to be exact. But then there was a problem with the top of the can. There was supposed to be a narrow hole at the top, but there wasn't one. The can opener was busted so it was a rough cut for the lid so it wouldn't fit. I had to improvise with some galvanized wire and aluminum foil. I also made about 36 holes for air to flow through. There's a suspended wick holder so that I can take it out and clean it. I have to clean it because of the residue that's left behind when the fuel is burnt. The fuel is ethyl alcohol, 70% solution. It doesn't burn clean so it leaves behind residue. The wicks are cotton balls. They also end up burning and leaving behind residue. Anyway, the suspended wick holder can hold 2 1/2 cotton balls, so it can hold a decent amount of fuel. I placed the foil shiny side out so as to reflect the rest of the heat in a general direction. It's something of an infrared flashlight of sorts. Preliminary testing suggests this stove will be hot when lit. It all depends on stove and fuel.

 I will definitely be not making an instructable on this because it's too complicated to make at all. I will, however, be making an instructable on a simpler version of this. 

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Note: I will be posting a video soon of my stove in operation, if ever it doesn't explode (or flare up) on my face. 

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    this looks better off with wood fuel than alcohol. If you want a very efficient stove design, use a pressurized sideburner (you don't need a pot stand)