Introduction: My Awesome Backpacking Camp Setup/ Checklist!

A few weeks ago, I went boy Scout camping on Lake Chatauqua in NY, and I was the only one with the best setup in the whole camp.  Lets just say it was the best week camping ever.  First Thing, This is a checklist for hammock camping, but it could also be used as one for tent camping also.  P.S. If you have any comments/ questions, just comment below or on any other step. Thank- you.

Step 1: What You Will Need (necessities)

-A Hammock. I have an Amazonas Moskito Bug Hammock from Byer Of Maine. 
-Slap Straps or any other tree suspension kit. 
-2 Weight load tested carabiners. 
-50 or so feet of paracord. Useful for anything. 
-Trekking poles. 
-Tote, or backpack if you are backpacking. 
-Sleeping bag. 
-GPSWith extra Batteries. I have the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx. 
-Cortizone, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Waterproofer. 
-Big Tarp (10'x12'). 
-Poop Trowel. 
-Mess Kit. 
-Clothes. 1 Pair of everything for every day, plus one or two pairs just in case. Try wearing compression shorts (Spandex underwear) instead of cotton underwear to avoid chafing.
-First-Aid Kit, Fire starter, Knife, Gold Bond for chafing(I know this From Experience. Life Changing.)
-Water Bladder with water purification tablets or straw filter.
-Dish Soap/ Hand Sanitizer.
-Hiking Boots And/Or Sneakers. 
-Duct Tape. 
-Toilet Paper. 
-Flashlight/ Headlamp.
-Stove and Extra fuel. 


Step 2: What You Will Want (Optional)

-Bathing Suit With Towel.
-Sleeping Pad (Necessary for Winter Hammock Camping). 
-Playing Cards. 

Step 3: How to Pack Your Backpack.

First Thing, keep heavy things low, and close to your back. You don't want 5 cans of soup almost a foot behind you level to your neck.  You will feel weighed down way more than you need to. haha just kidding.  You want to try to pack at most 30% of your body weight. This includes your pack. It excludes what you are wearing.  If you don't have a backpack, you could rent it and other gear here. .  I don't really know what to look for in a backpack besides size and weight, so I can't help you there.  I do know that you will need a hip belt and sternum strap, but I think they all come standard.  

Step 4: How to Setup Your Camp Like I Did

After you have your gear, go camping! You want to look for trees that are in this formation:   

                o                    o


You want to hang your hammock between 2 sturdy trees, and use 2 smaller ones (Or your trekking poles) to spread your tarp out to the sides.  After the hammock is up, tie paracord between the slap straps to support the tarp. Thread paracord through the diagonal corner grommets(holes) on your tarp, and tie those to your carabiners tight.  Then, thread the other corner grommets and either tie them to a sapling, or, to a trekking pole, then make a guy wire to add stability to the pole.  You can setup a clothesline too, if you want.

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