Introduction: My Awesome Herb Planter Easily

This project is fun and very easy to make if you are a beginner

Step 1: Items You Will Need for This Project

You will need:

3 pieces of any size of wood planks

A drill with 8 x 10mm screws

Clear Glue (strong)

Your preferred colour of paint

Step 2: Cutting the Wood to Size

Depending on how large you want your wood for the herb planter, cut the 2 pieces of wood you have. Once the two pieces of would are cut in half (they will be the sides of the herb planter) get one of the pieces of the half piece of wood and cut that one in half. (they will become the shorter sides of the rectangle herb planter). Get another half piece of wood and make the bottom of the herb planter.

Step 3: Putting It Together.

Get the pieces of wood you cut in the last step and get one of the half pieces and make that the floor and put glue on the other halves and and screw the bottoms the the floor of the herb planter. Next get the shorter pieces and screw those to the sides of the planter pot.

Step 4: Painting and Finishing Your Herb Planter

Finally paint your planter the colour you have picked and paint your planter that colour. Now put your planter in the spot you want to put it in and ENJOY! :-) :-)

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