Introduction: MAMMA & BABY Bicycle!

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During my childhood days, especially in Tamilnadu, India we as kids used to keep a peacock feather inside any of our text books(in between the pages). Some used to feed the peacock feathers with few rice grains; They shower little grains, flowers, almonds, cashews whatever...:p they could afford as eatable. They carry the books carefully during their classes!

After few days, you know the peacock feather would be seen with another set of feathers next time when we open that particular page. That means, it has created a peachick, but peacock feathers actually :-)!

We used to share the good news with our other friends in classrooms, describing as "My Peacock has given birth". There will be a group of people, who would come up with their own set of new feathers! We all would feel very Happy at that excited moment! While writing this instructable, i got reminded to those childhood memories:D

So, how did that new set of feather came is a Billion dollar secret! I am not gonna reveal it...:D

But today, i have a different story of a child born in my garage! "My Bicycle has given birth to a BABY bicycle. Both are doing well!!" Hehehe.. Let me take it as, you all would believe in my Trillion Dollar Secret story!

Considering the economic slowdown due to COVID19 reasons, i am gonna be generously revealing that Trillion Dollar Secret at the end of this Instructable :-)!


Small wooden sticks or toothpicks

Black colored wires

Toy car Tire(s), outer rim

Clay modelling dough - Black, White, Grey (Black + White)

Acrylic colors - Black, White

Pink color gel pen


Medium size shirt buttons - Black

Glittering sheet - White, Orange

Red color velvet sheet

Full White sheets

Black color threads

Silver/bronze color beads

Twist tie/garden twist wire

Thin foam sheet

Cutting plier


Nail cutter

Sharp knife

Step 1: Prepare/Make the Bicycle Parts


Carve the wooden sticks in a shape to create BASIC STRUCTURE one like the bigger bicycle.


Cut and make shortened wires to create the brake system. For the stem to attach to the GEAR, you can roll the wires as required.


Use Black Clay modelling dough to make SADDLE in appropriate shape.


Use Black Clay dough to make the small BELL. I used the back side of the Bindi(A bindi is a colored dot worn on the center of the forehead, originally by Hindus and Jains from the Indian subcontinent) sticker, as the label for my bicycle BELL.


You could use any colored solid wire(at last, we will color it anyway) and make them to the shape of the CARRIER. I used Cutting plier to make the wires to CARRIER shape.

For the stems inside the carrier, i used wooden sticks.


Step 2: Intermediate Design Change (Tire Choice)

When initially designing i did not imagine better with the tire of the Toy car i used earlier. Hence, the first choice of the tire was not that appropriate.

So i had to play a trick on my 2.6 year old nephew asking him to bring his car when he come to play with me. Any time, he does not obey me and used to do totally opposite of whatever i say; he shows huge respect you see...:p Wondering, but this time how did brought his car to help me..:D

For the second choice of the tire, i used the rim of the tire(bigger size) and made it as my bicycle tire.

(The earlier choice was also made with his car tire. Because, during this lock down time i have to make use of all available internal home supplies..:p)

For mudguard i used, thick paper sheets and pasted on the top of the tires.

Attached the pictures of my previous and current design.

Step 3: Cut -> Glue -> Assemble!

You may remove the unnecessary parts, shorten wherever required. GLUE and ASSEMBLE THE PARTS, prepared so far.

Step 4: Miscellaneous Parts, the Making!


I used black color shirt button and attach it to the bicycle.


I cut short and used a twist tie. Any color should be fine. At the end, anyway we will color it.


Foam sheet was cut in shape and attached to the twist tie.


I used black clay modelling dough, to design the handle bars.

For longer break wires which has to extended throughout the bicycle, i tried a different material instead of wires. I applied glue (fevicol) to black thread and dried it. This would make the wire not to be flown by air at the same time can be catered to different shapes.

Step 5: Paint, Paint, Paint!!!

I hope everyone of us, will be more happy to do anything with colors! So even at the midnight i was happily coloring and continuing!

I used acrylic colors - Black and White to follow as per the colors of my bicycle.

Step 6: Highlighters!

Now, it time to add some accessories/tags which will make the BABY CYCLE to look exactly as it's ORIGIN!


I used plain white sheets, cut them as thin strips and wrote the labels using Pink gel and Pencil (for grey color).


I have already covered the making of BELL in STEP1. But for the label in it, i used Gel pens to write on the sticker.


Required size and shape of lights, were cut from the red velvet sheet.


Silver color glittering sheet was cut to the shape.


I glued the bronze with silver touch beads, to stick to the front and back wheels of the Brake support.

BRAKE(front wheel):

I used grey color clay dough to make over the brake system, of the front wheel.


Orange color glittering sheets were cut so small and pasted to the spokes of both the wheels.

Step 7: All Set! Mamma and Baby Are Standing Erect at the Varanda of My House!

Step 8: This Is Interesting!

Due to lock down, today i was roaming around my home..:p, i found the mischievous BABY bicycle playing everywhere. I know nobody will believe it, as how it is doable by a new born!

Here i have a series of proof for it..:D

Step 9: Conclusion: With Peacock Story, THE UNTOLD SECRET!

As you all have listened to all my stories in this instructable or have patiently read through my write-up, i made my mind to let you all know the story of "My Peacock has given birth" happened during my childhood days!

Keep it secret! Usshhhhhh......

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