My Best Espresso Machineless Latte

Introduction: My Best Espresso Machineless Latte

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My solution to lattes at home, without an espresso machine.

Step 1: Espresso Machineless Espresso

Short of having a real espresso machine in the house, the best way I have found to fake espresso is the upside down brewing method using the amazing, affordable, portable, storable AeroPress coffee maker.

I finely grind 4 Tbsp. or 60ml of coffee beans to brew in the AeroPress with 2/3 cup boiling water. The trick then is to stir the coffee vigorously for ~ 20 seconds before attaching the filter and filter cap and turning the AeroPress right-side-up--letting it begin to drip into your mug.

After 20 seconds of gravity-fed dripping I begin to press the plunger, forcing the remaining water and grinds through.

Step 2: Espresso Machineless Latte Milk

Done with the AeroPress, and it's off to the Aerolatte(no formal relation) to froth the milk.

I use the microwave to heat 3/4cup milk in a glass measuring cup for 45 seconds. Heating times may vary microwave to microwave, so I think the trick is to get your milk hot to the point that it's just beginning to bubble. Lots of bubbling is too hot in my opinion.

Once heated, froth the milk for 20 seconds--starting at the bottom working the frother up through the milk in a circular motion. By the time you bring the frother's coil to the milk's surface, you should have foam.

Like any good barista, tap the measuring cup on the counter to help the foam rise, then work your best latte milk pour, and enjoy.

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