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Introduction: My Clean Workshop

This is my workshop. I work on a bit of everything, but I spend most of my time at my school's robotics lab/workshop. There they have a majority of the tools I need for my different projects, so I only have a limited variety of tools at home. I do still use my workshop at a regular basis. (It has just been cleaned, so do not worry! It usually does not stay this clean.)

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    kind of messy was a bit of a understatement!!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Your workshop looks to be almost as short on space as mine...mine is so short on space, there's no room to do much of any kind of organizing...'cept maybe into very vague categories...I only have enough room for me to move around in the main part of my workshop, the top part, which is kinda like a "hangout" spot for me and my girlfriend to have drinks and listen to music almost however loud we like, it has a bit more room to move. Although, when you look at the square footage (never even attempted to calculate it, can't get a measurement because there's that little room, though, I know there's a fair amount, probably in the entirety it's about the same as a two-car garage) you'd think I should have loads of space...but, so much "crap" is shoved in there for storage, I have very little room...and most of it isn't even mine...most of it belongs to my parents, mainly my dad, who keeps a bunch of lumber that would have otherwise gone to the construction waste dump (because it had a nick in the end and couldn't be sold like that, or was missing the stamp that most wooden studs have on them, or was used as load-securing material) in my workshop...