My "Custom" Welding Cart

Introduction: My "Custom" Welding Cart

About: I'm a building maintenance engineer, been at it over forty years, and still learning.............

Here is my custom welder cart,  

Step 1: What I Was Thinking Of...

What I was thinking of, was a cart, small enough to travel on the local mass transit buses, large enough to carry all the goodies needed to do a job, and low cost. Surprisingly enough, most of the materials were saved / salvaged / scavanged / scrounged from the side of the road. Anyway, after some head-scratching, I was able to come up with a sketch, with some workable measurements.

Step 2: The " Infamous Materials List "..........

What I used, gathered in no special order,

Steel angle stock ( salvaged bed frames )
Sheet metal panels ( salvaged from air conditioner units )
Handle ( salvaged from defunkt cart )

Hinges, hasps, wheels, axle, etc. ( purchased ) 

Ain't it amazing what you might find, tossed to the side of the road ?

Step 3: Some Construction Details

I started with building the frame, making sure the welds were solid.

The side, back, & bottom panels were tack welded on the inside of
the frame.

And the doors, the center bay doors cut overly wide for some overlap
to give room for the "latch" , mounted on bolted hinges. 

When this project got started, I'll freely admit to not taking any photos,
simply because the thought never occured to me.........

Step 4: Finishing Touches & Parting Shots

I've added an outlet with a stout extension cord, just for the fun of it.

Swivel casters on the front, for easy moves during a project.

Mask & Paint : Any which way you want, this was painted using the
ever present rattle can, with the colors of my "buzzbox" welder, which
will call this project "home".

The welder, by the way, is next on the list for refurbish & upgrading.

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    5 years ago would only work for smaller projects but what if the front door opened down like a draw bridge with some fold down supports to form a small grounded weld workstation?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    The first thing I made for my biggest welder was a cart for it. It weighs 140 pounds.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    ...... my welder IS the cart, and has a very nice lifting hook....


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! I will make one. Nice storage space. In my case, I think i'll put the welder higher.