My Dream Bedroom

Introduction: My Dream Bedroom

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My dream bedroom is one where I retreat to after a long day's work of studying and education learning. Where I go to relax, sleep, and kill zombies. Where the limits are endless, but the size of my room isn't. This dream room has most tools I would like to have at my disposal, including but not limited to; a great computer set up, lots of room for activities, a 3D printer (wink wink), a soldering station, a large TV for my to play games in bed, and other trinkets and doodads all over. 

This rendering was made using the dimensions of my actual room. The space I have to work with is 13'x13'.

Step 1: Features

There are many features I would like in my perfect bed room. A comfy bed is one, but the extras are what I focused on.

Work Station:
Computer for use of Gaming, Editing, Modeling/Animation, and Coding.
3 Monitors. 2 horizontal and another vertical for coding and browsing.
A 3D printer to print out models I make and little tools/cases here and there.
A tracing desk (not sure the term) to light from underneath making tracing stencils easier
A vinyl cutter/stencil cutter to make cutting a lot easier

Soldering station,
X-Acto Knives,
Screwdrivers/Allen Wrenches,
various nuts and bolts,
fume extractor leading to the window near desk,
helping hands to make soldering small parts easier,
extra various batteries

a large TV to play games and watch shows from my bed.
Xbox and/or Playstation
many games and movies
a large Steam library
a shelving unit or small bookcase for my books and comics

Dresser for clothes,
even lighting all around room (Not well represented in my renders),
Enough pillows to make a pillow fortress out of,
the softest blankets you can imagine

Hope you enjoy!

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    9 years ago

    This is pretty much every teenagers dream room... And all I can say is it's awesome.