Introduction: My Dream Room!

Hello everybody! This is my idea for the design your room contest. I apologize, my computer is old and I'm not able to download design software so I had to do my sketch by hand. Theres several things in my sketch that I want to go over, because they're cool and it would be pretty amazing to have.

I am a giant reading nerd, there I admit it. Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Charlie Bone, Divergent, Mind Readers, you name it, I've probably read it. Thats why I want a reading area. It would have a large, tall bookcase to hold all my books. But not only my fiction books, but my informational books too. I would also have a large window to the left of the bookcase(so the suns not directly in my eyes) and some bean bag chairs. Because nothing is more annoying then not being able to get comfy while your in a fantastic part of a book.

I mean, who wouldn't want to have one of these safely attached to the ceiling. Its a great way to relax, and who wouldn't want to pretend that they're flying. I get some of my best ideas from swinging. It would be a great place for me to just get away from it all and to come up with my newest project

This would be the gem of my room. This would be where all the magic happens and where my projects come to life. Just some of the highlights would be: a soldering station, a 3D printer, a laser printer, and all kinds of tools. In my engineering class we've learned how to 3D print (Im proud to say that Im the only girl in my class and Im the one who knows the most about our 3D Touch Printer), How to use the laser printer software, and even how to solder. And it would be great to have my own machines instead of just trying to find time in class to make my ideas come to life.

My bed would be a loft bed, but instead of a ladder, I'd have a small set of stairs leading up to the bed. And to save space I would include drawers in the actual steps themselves. Above the be i would have twinkling lights so I could sleep under the stars every night. Underneath the bed would be more storage area. I would work it into a place where I could hang up clothes and such.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Please vote for me!

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