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Introduction: Survival Kit

Every Day - Survival & Aid

I have been working on this EDSA  (Every Day - Survival & Aid ) for some time  it's still under going change as ideas come about

- If You have any thing to add let me know

There are lots of good Instructables that I have used in making this kit and my other kits I use in part with this one when doing other activities that may require more. This kit come with me almost every where and it can help keep me alive for a few days I hope.


*Case -  this is a fly fishing case from Wal*Mart around 7.00 ish
- ( im looking for a water proof case like the S3 around 14.00) needs fit all my stuff.
*Emergency Blanket -  its about half the thickness (vacuum pack it ) and yes my wife makes fun of me for  using it  on every thing.
*Glow Light – this is a test  I did and it works out  (I’ll do an ible on it if people want)
*Make Fire Lighter matches and flint striker ( I like Fire!)  adding popsicle sticks to help start a fire and for first aid.
*Honey -  this is a Fast Sugar…   The straw idea was off of and Instructables
*Surgical blades – Sharp blades always handy
*Suture kit -  If you don’t know what your doing you can do more harm then good  now with that said it’s a sterile needle  (vacuumed packed)   with a surgical blade
*Steri strips -  better for cuts….
*Chap stick SPF 15?
*Small multi tool
*Zip ties
*Tape – Duct tape about 6’ and other Stronger tape
*String - 101 Uses
*Compass – This small one take some tinkering to work.
*Thermometer  - need to know how hot/ cold it is
* Small Light
* Band-Aids  - I keep these on top, every one always seams to need a one
*Alcohol Prep Wipes –  keep your cuts clean
*Moist Towelette – I have a 3yr old so I Use these a lot * Free just ask next time your out to eat…. they clean and smell like lemons…
*Ointment – This small amount of Neosporin / Germolene in straws works Great (this is the ible I got the straw idea….*

* I will be adding some other Items  As I Add to my EDSA I will let you Know

* I always have my Pocket Knife or my Leatherman with me.
*Condoms –  a fast easy way to keep things dry
* I have  a few paracord  bracelets  around 8' and 18' just depends on what I Feel Like  Finding a way to add  on my EDSA.. When Camping i have about 24' with me 
- let me know what you think
- What would you add?

Step 1: I Keep Extra Stuff Close By

*Clif Bar - Vacuum packed (What can I say its fun to use)
*Hot Tamales – Hot sugar
* This is my DIY glow stick  ( 12 Hrs of Glow power)
* Whistle – Can you hear me now?
*4 AA batteries

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    7 years ago

    Awesome job on this 'ible. I think you should add some fishing line so you don't have to rely on taking apart your Paracord bracelets. I've found that taking the metal end of the pencil that holds the eraser makes a good line holder for 4-6 lb test line. All you need to do is remove the eraser and pencil and bend up the ends just a little to hold the line on snugly. Then add some hooks, weights and grabs to complete your fishing section. Good job bro. Hope to see some more great 'ibles.