Introduction: Survival Kit

Every Day - Survival & Aid

I have been working on this EDSA  (Every Day - Survival & Aid ) for some time  it's still under going change as ideas come about

- If You have any thing to add let me know

There are lots of good Instructables that I have used in making this kit and my other kits I use in part with this one when doing other activities that may require more. This kit come with me almost every where and it can help keep me alive for a few days I hope.


*Case -  this is a fly fishing case from Wal*Mart around 7.00 ish
- ( im looking for a water proof case like the S3 around 14.00) needs fit all my stuff.
*Emergency Blanket -  its about half the thickness (vacuum pack it ) and yes my wife makes fun of me for  using it  on every thing.
*Glow Light – this is a test  I did and it works out  (I’ll do an ible on it if people want)
*Make Fire Lighter matches and flint striker ( I like Fire!)  adding popsicle sticks to help start a fire and for first aid.
*Honey -  this is a Fast Sugar…   The straw idea was off of and Instructables
*Surgical blades – Sharp blades always handy
*Suture kit -  If you don’t know what your doing you can do more harm then good  now with that said it’s a sterile needle  (vacuumed packed)   with a surgical blade
*Steri strips -  better for cuts….
*Chap stick SPF 15?
*Small multi tool
*Zip ties
*Tape – Duct tape about 6’ and other Stronger tape
*String - 101 Uses
*Compass – This small one take some tinkering to work.
*Thermometer  - need to know how hot/ cold it is
* Small Light
* Band-Aids  - I keep these on top, every one always seams to need a one
*Alcohol Prep Wipes –  keep your cuts clean
*Moist Towelette – I have a 3yr old so I Use these a lot * Free just ask next time your out to eat…. they clean and smell like lemons…
*Ointment – This small amount of Neosporin / Germolene in straws works Great (this is the ible I got the straw idea….*

* I will be adding some other Items  As I Add to my EDSA I will let you Know

* I always have my Pocket Knife or my Leatherman with me.
*Condoms –  a fast easy way to keep things dry
* I have  a few paracord  bracelets  around 8' and 18' just depends on what I Feel Like  Finding a way to add  on my EDSA.. When Camping i have about 24' with me 
- let me know what you think
- What would you add?

Step 1: I Keep Extra Stuff Close By

*Clif Bar - Vacuum packed (What can I say its fun to use)
*Hot Tamales – Hot sugar
* This is my DIY glow stick  ( 12 Hrs of Glow power)
* Whistle – Can you hear me now?
*4 AA batteries