My Empty Living Room

Introduction: My Empty Living Room

My new husband and I are poor graduate students.  He is working on a doctorate in physics, and I am working at Starbucks until the job market improves.  We had to move to Los Alamos, NM, where there are labs for him to do his research in, but moving here was a big downgrade for us in pay and quality of life.  Also, I just spent over a week in the hospital, and we are expecting sizable bills to come our way.

Upon moving to Los Alamos, we left behind some of our bigger furniture (including a favorite couch) because our new apartment has narrow steps that make it impossible to get anything large up them!  Also, we've always had a second bedroom until we moved here.  Now we are expecting visitors (I've been quite lonely in our new, tiny town and have called upon friends from far away to visit), and we will need an area for them.  I'd like to divide our rather sizable living space up with some of the options from IKEA.

Here are some photos of the living room.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    check out murphy beds a lilltle paint goes a long way you dont have to buy the exspenve ones buy a cheap one


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Good luck in this endeavor. That room could certainly use a convertible or Murphy bed, or maybe a 3 tier bunk for your hostelling.... A set of screens or shelves for variable partitioning,