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Introduction: My Every Day Eye

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Maxfactor Excess Shimmer Cream Eyeshadows are UNREAL for a go-to for daily eye look that don't take forever to apply AND that lasts the entire day into the evening. This one is in no. 20 Copper and has been the first in the range that I have tried, but boy am I impressed!

  1. First pat, don't swipe, the product onto your lid area
  2. Then use a fluffy blending brush to buff out the edges
  3. Add any medium brown eyeshadow to your crease area and under your lower lash line for dimension
  4. Highlight your inner corner with a soft, shimmery white or cream shade
  5. Finnish off with a ton of lengthening mascara, this one was another Maxfactor product - the Clumpfree Mascara

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