My Favs Alcohol Stoves



Introduction: My Favs Alcohol Stoves

here a simple list of my favs alcohol stoves,

i like alcohol stoves because they are simple lightweight and reliable.

some are regular commercial alcohol stoves and some are easy diy stoves.

they are all trangia style stove, i like them because they all have self priming (no priming pan or wick needed)

and most of them have integrated pot stand.

for the diy stoves ill provide a video on how to build them.they have simples build and does not require a lots of tools.

they are not in preferences order.

note: every alcohol stoves need a wind shield to be effective.

enjoy ;)

Step 1: Trangia Alcohol Stove

the good old classic the trangia stove, the original,very good stove but a bit on the heavy side being all brass.

it has an internal wick for fast bloom,a simmer ring ,and the ability to keep alcohol inside but sadly it is just a burner so it need a pot stand.

i love to use it inside a trangia 27 set.the set can be converted to a windproof gas stove .

all trangia clones are good, i love the bulin trangia 25 clone, really good quality.

Step 2: Evernew Titanium (and Clones)

the evernew is a nice variation of the regular trangia, a lot lighter with the titanium build.

but no lid to keep the alcohol or simmer ring. it has a built in pot stand and 2 modes .

fast boiling mode when you use an external pot stand , or simmer mode when you use the integrated pot stand directly on the stove.

the original has a wick for fast blooming but the clone does not. both are great stoves ,the clone is just slower to bloom but easier to manage.i still like to use it in my trangia 27 set.

Step 3: Fancy Feast Stove With Carbon Felt

this diy stove is really nice. and easy to make, it is called fancy feats but you can use any matching cans, i made mine from a tuna can and a can of olive. it has a instant bloom carbon felt wick and an integrated pot stand,

sadly it need some tools and carbon felt to be made but it is not complicated.on mine i used a saw to cut the middle can and i didn't punch holes but just made 4 slits on both side with a small file (i don't have a dremel)

Step 4: The 10 Min One Can Stove.

this stove is a bit like fancy feast stove, but has no carbon felt. ,it does not need a lots of tools too and can be made just with a strong pair of scissors and only one beer can.

it has self priming (unlike the penny stove that need an external primer...)without wick it is longer to bloom but has an integrated pot stand, and it is really easy and fast to make.

(under 10 min as the name suggest.

i even made a mini one with just some scissors, with no other tools, just by eyeballing the size, cutting the side instead of putting a hole and just left the top instead of removing everything. and it still work perfectly!

Step 5: Bonus :gel Burner Stoves

i like to use sometime gel burner in my trangia set, in fact those stoves are just the bottom of a can, they are easier and safer to use than liquid alcohol stoves.

more infos here.

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