Introduction: My Fifth Project: Smart Tank Chassis With Live Monitoring

Although the fourth project is better than the third one, it would be excellent if we can control it in the view just like sitting inside the tank. : ) But I don't wanna buy a camera. What can I do? Can I do this with a smartphone? Google tells me yes! So I "borrow" another phone from my mum and start this project. : P

Step 1: Parts

Android Smartphone x 2

Metal Standoff x 3

Bluetooth Module

Smart Tank Chassis

Arduino Uno

Small Breadboard

Battery Box AA x 4

Battery Box 9-volt

I just add one more smartphone on top of the fourth project actually.

Step 2: Wiring and Code

Nothing special. They are exactly the same as the fourth project. I just add 3 metal standoff to the chassis and that's it! You may use Blu Tack or double-sided tape to fix the phone instead.

Step 3: App

In addition to the app SmartTankBTController installed in the fourth project, I also install an app called IP Webcam to another phone. This is a great app that enable us getting a live-streaming video from a camera of the phone to other devices. You can watch it with another phone, tablet, or PC with different formats including flash, browser and java. It also supports audio playing... After installing this app, there are many choices in the setting, but I just leave them and select "Start server". The URL that comprised of IP address appears. Open this URL with my tablet and there are several choices. I choose both video and sound in flash and the phone will record the video simultaneously. I'm just very excited and wanna see the result!

Step 4: Result

So...... Here we go! The video runs smoothly with nice quality in the browse instantly, but in low quality for video recording. This may be because of the version of this app, I guess. It should be better if upgrade the app to Pro version. Thanks again for watching it. See you.