Introduction: My First Java Application

Do you keep on wanting to create your own java application but keep delaying it for some reason? Do you hear yourself say “Tomorrow finally I will do it”? But that tomorrow never comes. So, you have to begin right now.

Now is the time to get your hands dirty. Whenever we talk about creating a program, the first thing that we have to decide is which programming language and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) we will be using. Now, there is a wide range of tools and IDEs available for the ease of developers. Some of them are as easy as drag and drop items while other require more coding.

So the choice of IDE totally depend on you. For better understanding of IDEs and their suitability you can watch numerous tutorials on this subject.


A computer, internet connection and a lot of motivation

Step 1: Downloading the IDE and JDK

In this

tutorial we will be creating our first program in JAVA using Eclipse IDE. So, first things first.

Head over to JDK Downloadto install java JDK.

Select the software depending upon your Operating system. After it is downloaded, unzip it and install it (the installation wizard will guide you through it).

Then for the IDE, go to Eclipse Download and download the latest eclipse version depending upon your operating system.

Install them by following the instructions.

Step 2: Installation Process

After installation, you will get this screen:

Step 3: Selecting the Work Space

After the initial process, the launcher will ask you to select a work space where all of your data and programs will be saved. By default, it will choose the drive in which you have installed eclipse but you can change its location as well.

Step 4: Starting Up Process

After you have selected the folder for work space, the launcher will start the IDE. You will get this screen.

Step 5:

After the starting up process, a welcome screen will be displayed. Here you can see multiple options like create a new java program, review your IDE configuration settings, create your Hello World Application, Tutorials etc.

Depending upon your requirement, you select the suitable category.

Step 6: Coding

Since this will be your first program so what else is the better idea than making your Hello World Application.

Click on the Create a Hello World Application and now you have officially started coding.

The extreme right pane shows a guided procedure through which you can easily create your first program.

Or you can simply follow these steps:

1. Click on file to create a new Java project.

2. Then in the left pane, click on src (Short for source) to create a new package.Inside the package click to create a new java class. You can manually write the main method or can simply tick the check box to create a class with prewritten main method.

3. In the main method, write:

System.ot.println(“Hello World!”);

4. Click on the green play button to run the script.

And Voila… you just created your very own fist program.

Remember practice is the key to become successful. You can begin by creating small and easy applications.