Introduction: My First Knife

I've thought about making a knife for a while and thought I'd be restricted to a fixed blade since folding blades seemed difficult to perfect. I saw the Svord Peasant knife somewhere online somewhere and I hope they take it as flattery that I wanted to copy their design. They, in turn, based their design on medieval knifes. I also saw online a knife making tutorial that used an old circular saw blade (I've seen it mentioned on this site too a couple of times). So I headed for the shed and a few hours later came out with this: Obviously the bolts in the handle are ugly and the blade hasn't been hardened anymore than it was already but it does function pretty well. The grip on the back of the blade I put in with a triangular file. The handle is cherry with linseed oil. The lanyard hole sticks up a bit but if I filed it off it'd poke a hole in my pocket (and it works well getting paint cans open).