My First Reflex, Which One to Choose?

Introduction: My First Reflex, Which One to Choose?

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Reflex to get started, Which one to choose? Often this question is asked and not always the answer is immediate.

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The choice can be constrained by several factors:

The budget Photography (what would you like to photograph? Sports, naturalistic or portraiture photography? The Form Factor (ie the dimensions of the camera) New or Used? Often choose a more just choice, but with due care.


By now everyone associates photography with an expensive and complex passion but this is true in part, certainly not for choosing the Reflex for Getting Started. Surely professional photographers that you see at fashion shows or on the sidelines during games have cameras and lenses that cost like a car, but you do not necessarily have to embark on a similar investment to make beautiful photos. The budget is a very convoluted topic but I can assure you that if the passion flows or even the curiosity you will be able to find solutions suitable for all budgets.

The type of photography

A mistake not to be made immediately from the beginning is to buy a random machine body, by hearsay, for sympathy or for the price. Since, as we have said, it is generally not an expense, I advise you to think straight away what kind of photography you would like to do because it moves the balance needle. What would you like to photograph?

Sports photography: you will need a body with excellent focus. The most important term is focus points, the more they are and the better. Nature photography: then you will have to look for a vehicle that has many Megapixels and a good ISO (that is, the sensitivity of the sensor when the light is scarce). Portraits: you will probably need a lot of resolution to look for in the Megapixel term, the more they are and the better. Making Video: then will need a camera in the meantime able to record video, probably even an input for the microphone you could do convenient and several other tricks.

The Form Factor

Attention to the dimensions. Of course if you want to take pictures in the studio you will not have any particular problems, but if your passion is walking in nature or traveling then you will play in your favor to have a compact, light and portable camera.

If you choose a DSLR or a mirrorless you may find in the near future to have different objectives, if you choose a Bridge or a Compact you will not need anything else.

Make Video or Vlog

The growing popularity of the segment has led manufacturers to develop products suitable for demand. Now all the DSLR, mirrorless and compact on the market can record videos, many now even in 4K. The advantage over old-fashioned cameras is above all on portability but also on ease of use. However, it should not be underestimated that top-of-the-range products are now also used in the professional field.

The Reflex to start - in Conclusion

Do not rush to make a decision. Probably a camera will accompany you for a long time and many adventures, so take your time to think and understand which is the most appropriate choice.

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