My First Sugru Hack: USB Flash Drive

Introduction: My First Sugru Hack: USB Flash Drive

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SOOO...TODAY 11FEB20121400, I recieved my first Sugru prize from the December Beard-Off. I was sooo EXCITED that i couldnt hold back...i had to hack choice? A simple walmart Sandisk Flash Drive.

In this 'ible I will show you how i did it!! 

*NOTE* I am sorry for the blurry pictures...unfortunately my camera isnt cooperating with me in any setting that i put it in, so i break lucky every now and again with a clear picture (mainly cause of lighting). hopefully i can get it back up and running properly soon!!!

Step 1: Materials

Simple as it is, this project takes minimal time and materials to construct:

1) Sugru (1 mini-pack should do if you are making an enclosure to a flashdrive like mine a simple Sandisk Cruzer)
2) A Flashdrive

Step 2: Preparation

Follow the instructions given on the Sugru packaging (for those new to Sugru obviously). Now open the minipack/s that you will use and form 2 Sugru balls out of them. Now take one of your Sugru balls and roughly form it down the drive to get a nice even coat. do the same to the other side.

Step 3: Final Formation

Now finish forming the casing of your flash drive. its up to you if you wanna make a squirrely swirl, triangle, or whatever whenever your done, set it down and wait for it to cure!

Step 4: Finished!!

Now your flash drive is finished. Enjoy your masterpiece and wow your friends!!

I hope you liked this instructable!!

*NOTE* The picture below is not of the fully cured project...Only of the final form as it cures.


SOOOOO...after the sugru on this project son decided that he wanted to hack the sugru drive with his mark by biting off the back end that was to be used to hang by a lanyard...My fix for this was somewhat easy...i peeled off the sugru the best i could, but in the proccess i sheared off some important parts that werent too hard to shear off to begin with remdering the drive useless...SOOOOOOOOO...i bought a new drive, and used 2 mini-packs of sugru to add a bit of strength. in the back end of the drive i mushed up and shaped the sugru so i could shove a threaded a horribly tiny eyelet to add strength, and then drilled a hole. I ended up with way more sugru than i thought i needed, and i made a Mini Sugru Man. you can find Him at the link provided:

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