Introduction: My First Wooden Spoon

In this 'ible I will be showing you how I made my first wood spoon. Now this is my first wood spoon, so please be nice if it does't look good. I made this from a 2x4 that I had lying around. I cut it down and proceeded from there. This was a present for my mom since I have always wanted to make her something. So if you like this one please tell me in the comment section ! Thanks in advance, I hope you enjoy !!!

Step 1: Materials

- A piece of wood

- Dremel kit

- Knife

- Saw

- Sandpaper (150 grit and 60 grit)

- 110 engraving cutter bit for Dremel

- Pencil

Step 2: Getting Started

First what you wanna do is draw a rough sketch of the spoon you want to carve. Then cut off the excess wood, then start creating the rough shape of the spoon. Slowly start craving away the excess wood, while still trying to keep the right shape. Once you get the rough shape then you can start focusing on the details. Make sure you keep the spoon to the right thickness so you don't have one side that is too skinny and one side that is too thick. Just keep checking the thickness every couple of minutes.

Step 3: Details

So once you have gotten the rough shape down you can start using the sandpaper to round off the edges. Now that you got the smoother shape you can start using the Dremel to hollowing out the space at the head of the spoon ! I used the 110 engraving bit to do this. If you start just going nice and slow in straight lines all along the head of the spoon where there should be a depression. Eventually you should get a nice but rough depression. Take your sand paper and tear off a piece about the size of your thumb and just rub the sandpaper all over the rough depression with your thumb until you are satisfied. That should be it, I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment !

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