Introduction: My Halloween Gore Buckets

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Do you have hum drum Halloween props that fail to inspire? Here's a great way to gore up that static display. If you've got some latex body parts that you just don't know what to do with here's a good option for displaying them in the goriest way possible.


Great Stuff spray foam

Red And Black acrylic craft paint

WET (glaze) from Frightprops

Glue gun and tons of glue sticks

Latex body parts. I used one hand one foot and an eyeball per bucket.

Step 1: Fill the Bucket With Guts

Step 1. Spray the foam into the metal bucket. WEAR GLOVES! This stuff does not come off the skin. You can take your time with this and let the foam expand as you go along. The idea is to have guts over flowing the bucket. For the size bucket I chose I used two cans of foam per bucket. I waited a full day for the foam to expand and cure.

Step 2: I See Some White Guts and I Want to Paint Them Black

Step 2. Paint all the foam black. Take your time with this step to ensure that you have all the yellow foam covered. The black also helps with having "low lights" shadow areas.

Step 3: Make Your Guts Red

Step 3. Paint all of the black guts with the red paint. Double check for any yellow gaps. I found out AFTER I did this project that Great Stuff has black spray foam. That would certainly save some time.

Step 4: Glazing the Guts

Step 4. Glaze over your red guts with WET from Frightprops. Now it should start looking really gory!

Step 5: Adding the Body Parts

Step 5. Cut your latex props so you can position them poking out of the guts. Do not cut into your foam to fit in the prop. It will make a mess. Use lots of hot glue to secure your parts onto the foam filling all the gaps with the hot glue.

Step 6: Match the Glue to the Foam

Step 6. Paint over your hot glue with the red paint and then the WET glaze. The glue should match the foam now.

Step 7: Pour on the Blood

Step 7. Get some fake blood. The thicker and darker, the better. Pour it over the latex body parts and the guts and let it pool into the low areas. Let it dry for about a day.

This is not a quick project but it is a good for an 11 year old kid to accomplish. It has a big impact and is relatively inexpensive.

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