Introduction: My Heart Is Yours

A simple yet captivating drawing of a skeleton giving out his heart


Drawing tablet
Drawing program
Computer or iPad Pro

Step 1: Sketch

To start off I like to use the pencil to make this lines, I’d advise to use a light color so you won’t have to change the opacity

Step 2: Lineart

To do the lineart I like to use the pen. I like it to have pressure on because it adds more to the overall drawing. On a separate layer above the sketch trace the sketch with your pen

Step 3: Flat Color

When drawing on my computer I like to color the entire drawing with flat color before shading, you can do this by using the bucket tool to fill in areas in the colors you think fit.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

When you are done with the flat color you should shade it in chunks, once you are done with the shading you can play around with the linearts colors and you can add anything small you want in the drawing

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