My Heart in a Jar Pendant

Introduction: My Heart in a Jar Pendant

With Valentine's Day coming up, I am in the mood to make heart-related and Valentine's themed items! This is a quick and easy way to make a cute Valentine's Day charm.

Step 1: You Will Need

1. A small glass jar with a cork stopper
2. A small heart charm (I used a small red glass heart shaped bead)
3. Invisible beading thread
4. A head pin
5. Jewellery pliers
6. Wire cutters
7. Scissors
8. Glue
9. A sewing needle

Step 2: Attaching the Head Pin to the Cork Stopper

The first thing we will work with is the head pin and the cork stopper. Firstly, remove the stopper from the bottle. Next, push the sewing needle through the centre of the cork, to make a small guide hole for the head pin to pass through. Push the head pin up through the centre of the cork as shown in the photograph. Once the "head" of the head pin is securely against the bottom of the cork, make a loop from the wire that is now sticking up through the top of the cork. Trim off any excess wire with your wire cutters.

Step 3: Stringing Your Heart Onto the Invisible Beading Thread

This is a simple enough step! Just cut a few centimetres of your invisible beading thread, and thread it through the hold on your heart charm. It is better to have too much thread rather than too little, as you can cut off any excess thread at the end.

Step 4: Nearly Done...

Next, suspend your the two ends of the invisible beading thread over the top of the open glass jar. You will need to hold this in place with one had.
Place some glue around the edge of the cork stopper. Place the cork stopper (which is now glued) in position in the neck of your glass bottle, holding the invisible threads in place, holding your heart charm suspended in the glass bottle. 
Wait for the glue to dry.
Cut the excess ends of the thread.

Step 5: All Done!

That's it! you are finished. The charm can now be attached to a chain or cord as a pendant.

You can vary it up by using a different coloured heart charm, or even a metal or metallic acrylic charm for a different look.

You could also add other beads or glitter to add more interest to your heart in a jar pendant.

It is up to you!

Thank you for reading.

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