Introduction: My Helmet Mohawk Made of a Scrubbing Brush

When I saw this instructable a few months ago, I decided to make my own "Helmet Mohawk". So I bought a cheap Helmet (11€) for trying it.

First, I tried making the Mohawk following the "METHOD 2: FUZZY CLOTH" described in the instructable made by dan. But I couldn't find that kind of long hair fuzzy cloth.

Then, after some time thinking in what to use instead of that cloth, I "invented" a third method for doing it. I bought a scrubbing brush and I took out the plastic bristles. Then, I made some holes with a drill. Filling the holes with hot glue and putting inside them the plastic bristles was all I had to do to finish my work.

Oh, I forgot. I added some stickers too. I hope you like it.

PD: I'm Spanish, sorry if I committed any grammar mistake.