Introduction: My Homemade Steel Tonfas (Okinawan Nightsticks/Side-Handle Batons)

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These are the steel tonfas I made in around the beginning of January. I like them a lot, and I have used them repeatedly ever since. VERY tough, dents wood and crushes plastic with ease, I once used these in an all-out kumite (sparring match) with my friend who wields a Musashi-brand shirasaya sword, and these tonfas suffer no apparent damage.

This project was inspired by two things. One is by the super bad@ss steel tonfas I found on a martial arts website, and two is by the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (which I am greatly a fan of) because one of the main characters, Hibari Kyoya, uses steel tonfas in battle (so I was like, hey! I could make those!).

Hope you like them! If many people comments on this, I will post a full I'ble of it (maybe :-P)