Introduction: My House

1. First I opened up tinkercad.

2. Then I opened up my drawing.

3. Then I put a box and expanded to where it took the shape of the house.

4. Then I had put a triangle then I expanded it to take the shape of a roof.

5. Then I was going to make a door so the people could be able to get in the house.

6. Then I am going to put a door step under the door to where they would be able to get up in the door.

7. Then I had put a cylinder and made it thinner and longer to where it can look like a chimney.

8. Then i had made a box and made it smaller to where I could make it into windows.

9. Then I am going to put a number 1 on the side to where they know it's my first house.

10. Then I am going to put a star on the other side so they know that it's the best house i've made.