Introduction: My Industrial Looking HomeCinema, Build on Budget, Installation

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This is my Home Cinema Installation,

Its about an Projector, and the screen, i´ve build with a very low budget so you can also do something like this.

It´s not realy Step by Step cause i lost some pictures but i think its comprehensible.
I bought the projector 2nd hand for an very good price is an old acer dlp type, but it works still great.

While we refurbished our flat i got the idea to fit it on the wall in some kind, at the same time i found this great box in the junk, i think
its an ww2 ammo Box or something like that.
its realy big and heavyweight.

I want to hide all the consumer electronics and dvd´s, x box and stuff, so the box was perfect for that.

Step 1: Cleaning

at first i cleaned the box, straighten it out a bit so that it closed well and looks good.

I did not paint it again cause i like the rough sourface, and that you can see the age of that thing.

Step 2: Put an Shelf In

so i cut an bottom shelf from 6millimeter plywood, with an Hole on the backsite for the cables and plugs

-than i cut 2 aluminium bars in the fitting wide, its just an L profile

-Drill two holes on each site in the box, put an M8 screw in with an Nut on the inside of the box

-Now you can put the L profile bars on the screws an got an good plating for the Plywood

Step 3: The Dirty Part

as i say we refurbished our flat and i wanted this clean look without any cables and wires so i decided to put a tube under the roughcast like the electricians do.
so i can pull the cables trough.

Thats alot of work and dust i can tell you, its not funny doing this in your flat.
But in the end its great when you got the box at the wall and can see no wires.

When its closed nobedoy knows what that should be and everybodey ask where the tv is at.

Step 4: The Screen

I dont like this canvas scrrens and got an big wall vis a vis of the box that i can use as screen.

But thats way to easy.

So i asked a friend and we grab the hammer again and shape out an nice looking frame.
in the next step we paint the wall again and the screen sourface with an special painting for screens.
the open wall gots an special coating for not to trickel.

Step 5: Cleaning Up the Flat

thats the hardest part

The fine dust is everywhere, it was pure horror, it last day´s

Step 6: Details

So we got an nice box with the projector, the dvd´s and stuff
and we got an nice screen

mow we need some details to keep that thing running.

I manage my homecinema with my laptop and also use the laptop as blueray player and to play games cause i would like to have
as less gadgets as possible.

maybe you´ve noticed the filler cap on the desk ( it´s a 50´s racecar type) under this thing i´ve got all the plugs ineed like to the projektor and charger and extern hdd... when idont need them they go in the filler and i dont need to see that Cable Salad.
( Maybe i do an own instructable for a clean cabling on the desk)

The reciver and amplifier stands on the vis a vis side and i send the audio signal via bluethooth, so i dont need a cable to the other side of the room.

The Speakers and their stands are also custommade and maybe also get an own instructable.

All together it costs less than 400€

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