My Kid Room Design

Introduction: My Kid Room Design

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A little baby girl, she is 4 years old now. She always said she is a princess. So, I wanted to decorate her room, which is dreamlike and full of pink color.

On the left wall, there is a short cabinet. She can put dolls and books in it. A bureau and closet will be on right wall.

Sketchbook Pro

Step 1: Draw the Sketch Draft

I used Sketchbook Pro to draw the sketch draft of the room, including some details: top view, left view and right view. 

Step 2: Create 3D Model

TinkerCAD is a very simple application. I played with it like building blocks. Then apply the colors, you can see the final render result. When I decorate the real room, will put some decorative pictures on the wall. I think that will be beautiful.

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