Introduction: My Knex Sniper Rifle

This is how to make my knex sniper sniper rifle I call it my pulse sniper rifle

Step 1: The Barrel

follow the pictures to make the barrel

Step 2: The Handle

follow picture

Step 3: The Stock

follow pictures

Step 4: The Trigger

follow pictures

Step 5: The Sort of Scope (optional)

follow the pictures and if someone can make a better scope I will pin you

Step 6: The Body

follow pictures

Step 7: Assembly

Follow pictures

Step 8: Putting the Bands On

follow the pictures

Step 9: Loading and Firing

6-7 is band ant to load follow the pictures and if anyone can make a magazine I will pin you 1-3 are to fire elastic band 4-5 are to fire bullet bullet rarely works so if someone can design something better I will pin you

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