My Knex Truck W/ Add-On Pack No. 2.

Introduction: My Knex Truck W/ Add-On Pack No. 2.

This is my first instructable and its of my truck. The instructions are done!!!! I added a Add- on pack as well and I will add more from time to time.

Step 1: Build Front Half of Cab.

Here you will build the front half of the cab.

Step 2: Build Back Half of Cab

here you will build the back half of the Cab.

Step 3: Build the Bed.

Here you will build the bed.

Step 4: Attach Cab Pieces and Bed.

Here you will combine all the pieces.

Step 5: Build the Axles.

Build the axles. The rod that goes throgh the middle is a black rod. The wheels can be replaced with 5 inch gears. The axles are both pretty much the same.

Step 6: Attach Axles.

here you will attach the axles. The yellow rods that go from the axles to the chassis act as sway bars, if you disconnect the the will be more flex in the suspension.

Step 7: Start to Add the Sides.

Here you will add the sides. The last picture only shows the middle part but the should be the part that runs along the bed like the other side.

Step 8: Build and Attach the Fenders

Here you will build the fenders and attach them to the truck.

Step 9: Build the Back Fenders

Here will build and attach the back fenders.

Step 10: Build the Front Bumper.

build and attach the front bumper.

Step 11: Build Tailgate/bumper.

here you will build the tailgate/bumper.

Step 12: Build the Hood.

Here you will build and attach the hood.

Step 13: Build the Roof.

Here you will build and attach the roof.

Step 14: Done!!!

Now you are done so you can have fun with it!!!!

Step 15: Add-On Pack No.1

This I the first add- on pack and it consists of a front bumper reinforcement and a roll bar.

Step 16: Add-On Pack No. 2

This is the second add-on pack and it consists of a floor and a gun mount.

Step 17: Ideas!

If anyone has any ideas, please post them!

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    4 years ago

    COOL!! like the truck!


    Reply 4 years ago


    Hi the truck is epic but try taking thr piks on a plain background. By the way check out my trucks/cars.

    general zee
    general zee

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    hehehehe, that was at my grandparents house.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    pretty good truck, how do yoy like my knex monster truck, it has suspension, steering, opening doors and a bonnet/hood


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    sorry pictures didn't load properly here they are

    Picture 006.jpgUNI_3775.JPGPicture 011.jpg

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    dude dindt you make this with alot of colors