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Introduction: My Leather Arrow Quiver

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hay there.

a few months ago a made a back quiver that i wanted to share with you guys. as a "traditional" archer(flat bow) i really like having my arrows on the back. yet i don't want a quiver that you have to pull up after a few times of shooting in order to even reach your arrows. because its made of one piece it really hangs on your shoulder so it keeps the same place pretty much all the time.

this "design" is made out of a single piece of leather, using leather straps to sew the quiver together and to make the chest piece looking better. as reinforcement of the quiver itself i put 2 cleaned welding electrodes(1 was way to short) in the sewed part. this way the quiver stays in shape if there aren't any arrows in it, this helps a lot when putting the arrows back in again.

i used a piece of rope(not para cord, don't have any) with the Salomon bar to complete the circle.

whole process took me about 3/4 hours, you can do it pretty fast if you get the hang of it.

leather for quiver/chest piece
large piece of leather to cut the straps for the sewing
an awl or another way to make the holes(i used a squared awl, strips are pretty broad)
2 welding rots, or any other metal that is strong enough and still thing enough
a piece of cordage

tape(masking tape), you can use it to hold the leather in place while you sew it. this way you can keep the shape. just rip off like 10 centimeters when you are near the edge and you can continue

a few tips for people who are going to do something similar:
when using leather straps, cutting one end to some kind of needle shape will help a lot for getting trough the holes. if there is a small piece trough it you can use a leatherman or other pliers to pull it all the way up.
you are likely to have to trim some pieces before you can make a nice end product. just be wary, don't cut to much at the same time!
using an awl can hurt if you use your fingers to press against. be smart using one!
sewing the straps tight together will look much better then all the gaps between it. dont stick the awl somewhere, think where it would look close to the best.

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    Question 2 years ago

    Do you have a template for the pieces? I really like this design but i'm not sure if I can make one just with the pictures and text


    9 years ago on Introduction

    since i have been using it for 2 years already, a little update on it.

    i have replaced the welding rods with pieces of thick copper, around 2 mm thick. that way i could not only reinforce the side, but also the bottom. the ring used for attaching the cordage to the bottom quiver also is a lot stronger now.

    i also used a piece of copper for reinforcing the entry hole. now it stays in shape so its easier to get arrows in.

    i attached a small utility pouch on the cordage. usefull for storing all kinds of stuff in it like tabs and pliers! its a MA26 Condor Gadget Pouch, using the MOLLE

    i added a piece of metal on where the cordage meets the leather strap. this is to prevent the leather coming squished by weights hanging on the cordage.(like my pouch). my bowstring sometimes hooked up to it.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you get your leather? As in it looks like an old jacket or pair of pants.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    the leather came from an old chair, where the arm rest was closed and the legs were also lined with leather. this piece is made from the outer side, with the piece for the leg used as part of the strap.


    This looks great! I love the look the leather strips give it around the sides. Are you useing target arrowheads only in this? I would think broadheads would cut up the bottom unless you put something in the bottom.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Here in holland broadheads or any arrow tip that has cutting edges are against the law. i use bullet points(100 grain, brass) which look like bullets.

    i think broadheads would indeed demolish the thing in no time, not only the bottom but also the side, because its not supported and flat without anything in it.