Introduction: My Library

In this isolation period children are inside all the time and have plenty of time for reading books. To make this activity interesting , the idea of a small library of their own came up.

Two small book shelves for different size of books and a small moveable book rack was designed. .


1: 5 cardboard cartons or more, epends on the quantity of books.
2: Tape

3; Scissor/cutter

4: Blue and yellow paper for wrapping

Step 1: Preparation

1. Take 4 cartons of equal sizes.

.a : Put two cartons of equal size widthwise on one another, join them with tape.
b: Put two cartons of equal size lengthwise on oneanother and join them with tape.

(Tip:we can use more than or less than 4 cartons .

More cartons = bigger library area :))

Step 2: Portable Section

c.Put one carton widthwise .

Leave two inches from the bottom and make a diagonal cut.

Cut it with a scissor or cutter.

Step 3: Decorating

3. Cover them with your favorite wrapping papers .We had yellow and blue .

(Tip:favourite pictures or drawing designs can be done instead of wrapping papers)

Now the book shelves are ready

Step 4: Have Fun

4: Put your favorite story books of different sizes in different shelves.and enjoy reading.

5: Make a small rectangle from the cardboard and write " My Library". Put it on the top of the shelves.

. Your brothers and sisters can also share the books and enjoy reading.

Step 5: Get Set GO.

6: Small portable library with few selected books for the day can be placed near your bedside or where ever

you want sit andenjoy reading.

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