Introduction: My Lil Hawk (Throwing Tomahawk)

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My first Tomahawk 

It is made from an old horseshoe rasp. It is folded and forge welded together ( and tapered to fit the handle and stay on. It is almost all sanded to 220 grit with obviously black pitted forge marks.

I carved the handle from a large piece of two tone hickory.

Can someone explain this to me? Why is the hickory two colors? i have numerous pieces like this. Is it the Phloem and the Xylem of the tree i need bio help!

But anyways yeah it looks cool regardless

Handle is wiped with linseed oil(Magic Stuff here) a must for all wood projects. It also does a decent job at blade rust prevention.

As for throwing it is light for a full grown man but still throws incredible. Probable less then a pound.

Questions anyone? let em fly!

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