My Little Flower Pot

Introduction: My Little Flower Pot

My 3 year old wanted to go trick or treating and I could not say no. My newborn was born a month ago so I came up with this flower pot costume. I dress up my baby as a flower and the baby carrier as the pot and of course I dress up as the gardener. It was so easy to do and everyone loved it.

Name: Jessica Gonzalez
Baby's Name: Maya Lulani Gonzalez
City and State: Frankfort, KY

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    just had a thought...if you got a bigger wattering can, you could put the loot in that ;p


    Oh Now this is just tooooooo cute! what a great idea you had-my grandson will be 6 months old this Halloween- I'm going to copy you if that is o.k. Thanks so much for sharing


    12 years ago on Introduction

    very creative and definitely cute! are so much fun on Halloween