Introduction: My Little Pony Workbench

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Much like her BaBa (Dad), my daughter is turning out to be quite the little Maker. Granted she uses WAY more glitter than I tend to, and her propensity for using pink in a project far exceeds my own, but she is always making something. Wanting to fuel that creativity and love for making, I built her a workbench all her own where she can craft and create to her heart's content.

Since she LOVES My Little Pony (Fluttershy most especially), I decided to make her a My Little Pony mini-Maker workbench.

Here is how I put it together.

Step 1: Materials

The materials I used for this project: (with affiliate links)

My Little Pony (for inspiration) -
5 - 2x4s
1 - 2x6
1 - 1x4
1 - 1x2
Wood glue -
Pocket hole screws -

The tools I used:

Miter saw -
Palm sander -
Brother cutting machine -

Step 2: Measure and Cut

I started by measuring the empty space beside my Donkey Kong Garage Shelves for the workbench to fit into. Using those measurements, I sketched out a simple plan for a workbench with one shelf below the bench top for storage, and a small shelve on the back part of the top of the bench for immediate storage.

I took my 2x4s and started cutting the pieces out for the bench top, the legs, and the bottom shelf. For my own organization, I marked each set of cutoffs (that I could sand off later)

Step 3: Be Like the Avengers

Be like the Avengers, and... assemble!

I took my collections of cuts and started gluing and screwing them together. I started with the top of the workbench, then added the legs to the inside of of the top piece.

SIDE NOTE: If you want more space underneath the workbench for storage, you can put the legs on the outside of the bench top, rather than the inside like I did. I was limited by space, so decided to put the legs on the inside, even though it made the space for the shelf smaller.

Step 4: Adding the Shelf

I took some clamps and attached them to the legs so I could gauge where to place the bottom shelf. Using some empty tubs as reference, I adjusted the height of the shelf until I decided on a distance. I marked the legs, then screwed one side of the shelf into the legs.

Using a level, I adjusted the other side of the shelf till it was level, and then screwed it into the other set of legs.

Step 5: Adding the Top Shelf

I made a 3 more cuts from the 2x4s, and got my pieces for a top shelf on the workbench.

I measured in from each side of the shelf the distance of both pieces, then marked, glued, and screwed them into the workbench top.

Step 6: Sand

Cue the REM song!

I took a sander and went over the workbench, starting with 120, then progressing to 320.

Once everything was sanded, I slid the workbench into place - making sure that it fit properly.

Step 7: Add Some Color

I measured the width in front of the shelf, and then the distances for each side of the legs.

I took my 1x4 and the 1x2, and cut them down to size. After checking to make sure the distances were correct, we took the 1x4 and painted it pink, and the 1x2s and painted them yellow (Fluttershy's colors).

I took the pieces and screwed them into the front of the workbench with some pocket hole screws.

SIDE NOTE: The reason I used pocket holes screws was to ensure that the boards would be pulled flush against the workbench behind them. It does mean that the head of the screw will stick out rather than being flush like a regular wood screw would, but I think it looks better and doesn't run the risk of splitting the wood if you screw down too far.

I painted the front of the workspace, and the supports for the top shelf to match.

Step 8: Design the Cutie Mark

We went and found an outline of Fluttershy, and also her cutie mark, and brought them into the Brother design software. After sizing them, I cut them out using my plotter, then weeded out the designs.

Step 9: Add the Cutie Mark

Taking the stencils we cut out, I added them to the workbench, then took some dark grey paint and painted over the stencils. After removing them, the workbench was done!

Step 10: Enjoy!

Put a bow on it and call it a workbench, because... well, I put a bow on it and am calling it a workbench. Now my daughter has her own space to be her own glitter infused Maker!

Step 11: Watch the Video!

Now you know how to do it, watch it being made!

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