My Mame Arcade Machine




Introduction: My Mame Arcade Machine

Found it from junkyard. I will keep only the box.

Step 1: Lcd Display Attache.

20" display from an old analog tv,no more needed so I got all boards and display.

Step 2: Cabinet Rebuild.

tv boards placed on the side, the keyboard made from wood and painted with colors I had.

Step 3: More Photos.

A glass front af the display will remind the vintage crt monitors of olds games.A black flat speaker will be the cabinets sound.

Step 4: Changes Had to Be Made.

I changed a bit the colors to get a better look.
A main switch added on top , I remember waiting with friends to open the arcade store and running to switch on every game box.
I used an old pc with mame emulator , It was the easiest way for me due to already had mame on my computer.
The two buttons under control on each player are for credits and start button.

Step 5: Final Look!

Lets play!

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    6 years ago

    you were so lucky to find the cabinet ready made, saving a lot of time and money on the build. Pity it didn't have some nice retro artwork on it, but then i supposed it wouldn't have been dumped.