Introduction: My Masterpiece in Real!

I promised you guys pictures and how I made it. A lot is happened between my last Intructable and now.

Story short:

February 2014 my little brother is diagnose with a rare kind of leukemia. He and my other little brother live by my father and my stepmother. My father, stepmother and I have the classic Cinderella story{not good, I don't see my little brother very much}. With the pressure of my finale masterpiece and my little brother, my masterpiece didn't go well. At the end I wanted to trow my masterpiece out of the window and burn it!

Let's begin:)!

Step 1: Buying Wood:

First I made a few changes. I was going to make the table out one kind of wood: Padoek.

-I love Padoek, it has a pop out kind of orange and has red waves in it!

-I made the table legs with the machine, not by hand. Even padoek is amazing by color, it sucks to work with!

-I made the drawer longer, so a lot of stuff to hide in! and I bought a soft close system, not a puss and pull.

I bought my wood at Fijnhout in Amsterdam. The give us 15% discount and free delivery on Friday. I can pick it out myself and it's still cheaper that at school. I bought a plank 360mm by 3000mm. That is for the sides.

{I know bad picture, but I was on the top and forgot to take a picture, so my plank is the one on the top right:P}

Step 2: Molding the Side's:

To make the side's I made a mold in Iron cad, programmed in Alfacam en let the CNC machine mill it out. There are holes with a PVC in the mold so everything fits perfect. A little glue, let it dry 30 min.

In the 30 min. I cut the Padoek wood in to pieces and put it in the Thickness-er{ don't know if that's the good word? } so everything is smooth and equally thick! That cost more than 30 min so the mold is ready to be used.

First I attach tape, so that the sides do not keep stick on the mold. I've booked the vacuum machine and now we can mold! First time it didn't go that well. My mentor said 30 min and I let it sit for 1 hour but it needed longer than 7 hours. I was pissed because he waste my money and time. When I said that I got the blame: You had to do research he said! so I took the hairdryer and the spatula, hoping that the glue wasn't dry. With a lot of help from my friends, water and women power we got the slices of each other!

So the next 4 rounds went good, not perfect but good. I booked the vacuum machine at the end of the day so it can stay in it until the next morning! When I couldn't get it at the end of the day, I put it in the vacuum machine until my time was up and made a counter mold so it can still dry in the right form. When that was done I checked the spring back of the form and it wasn't that big! That´s a good ting!

Step 3: The CNC Machine!

I was so nerves with this part! Did i program it right or screw up!

First I used my model from Iron Cad and programmed it in Alfacam. I spent a lot of time on it! It was hard because I only learn 2D but not 3D. I had a little help from a professor and i´m thankful for that! I screwed the side on the mold and put it on the CNC machine and it does the rest. It was amezing. Only one mistake with the carving. I forgot a line to delete so he went a little diieper... I had a to sand it smooth but the rest is perfect! After the sanding and making it smooth again, I made the classic pin and hole connection and it was done for now! I have a video but cant show it....

Step 4: The Table Legs...

I bought piece of wood to make the legs. I did research how to do it by hand. I saw it in the form i wanted and then it went wrong. Padoek is not easy to work with... so to win time I threw away my pieces and went looking for new ones. That didn´t go well ether... I needed 75mm by 75mm minimal and no one had that. I sent a email to Gelderland, Groningen, Limburg even Belgium! They didn't react or didn't have it... because of the time I made it out 2 pieces. I wasn't have about it then and not even now! But I had to finish it.

I made a mold to work with, made the wood on the right sizes and made a lot of hours. On the pictures you can see how it goes. I had to flip the machine a few time because of grain of the wood. You can see on the last picture what I mean.

So next step! making the pen and hole connection! ( I don't have pictures of that) But it went oke.

Step 5: The Frame!

The big part! First I cheacked if everithing is perfect. With a few changes it is! I took it home and put the finishing on it at home. That in order to save time. I put 4 layers on it! I used special boat varnish. that is to prevent the discoloration. Pardoek will get grey. So special stuff with high UV protection. At school i glued it together with effervescent glue, you never know;). Bit of a setback. It was not quite 90 degrees, so more clamps on it and a lot of stress, but again with help of a friend it was oke, not 90 degrees but oke. Well that´s done, I made corners for the inside so it has support and stays at it's place. The frame is kind of done. Only the box for the drawer.

Step 6: The Drawer!

So the drawer... that was kind of rough. Again I got wrong information from my mentor, I will tell you later. First everything went super!

I made the dovetails perfect, the bottom of the drawer is made from multiplex and padoek veneer and that went in to the pressing machine, there is a lot of glue on it so i had to rub it of with water and a steel brush, but that was good.

But then I made the holes for the dovetails and that went wrong! I ask my mentor first and asked if I had to make the connection of the dovetails in some kind of angle. His answer no that will be fine don't worry about it! So there I was making the perfect holes until.... I had to glue everything together! I had to make the connection in a angle! I had to trust my instinct, but I had so much on my mind that I trusted him! So after the glueing part, I had to fill it with two component putty stuff.... when that was dry I had to clean it and put veneer... It took me more hours and more stress. It was even my Birthday that day.... { before glueing it together I made a groove so the bottom goes in the front. that's for more support and it gives a nice look:)}

That was the last day we had to work on it! I didnt finsch it at all. i didnt get 3 days extra to prove i can make it work! I even had to beg to finsh the table in my one time. I spent around €600,- bucks. And then he said oke what ever. So I worked my butt off!

Step 7: Everything Else in 3 Days!

As you can see on the first picture, that's what I had the last days at school! With so much emotion I had that day, exhausted, sad, weak, angry and more anger to my mentor. I swore I get it done in 3 days! Like every other day I worked on my project, I was at 0830 at school and go home at 1800 got some sleep and the next day the same.

First I had to fix the CNC machine. It gave errors over and over. One of the other proffesor said do the rest of you project I will fix this! I said awesome, gave hie my tabletop and left. I made the box for my drawer, glued the little side's and smoothed the drawer, so it looked kind of nice.

I went downstairs to the CNC machine and yes he fixed it, kind of. The machine gave errors because of a few lines who weren't visible. When it worked it also didn't worked...{ picture 3} I had to Fix that to and I didnt have much time. He was so sorry, but I thanked him and said don't worry I fix it now. So I saw the top in 4 pices, so the hole is gone, made a plank of wood the same sizes and glued at in it. The only thing I had to do was the rest by hand. You dont see a thing when I'm done! {picture 5}. A rounded side being freed and done. That costed a day work!

Next day putting the puzzle together. I flipped the tabletop, screwed the frame on it and now the drawer. everything went well, it was irritating to putt it in the middle. That was done! The only thing is, you can see the drawer slides on front:( downside but not bad! This day sound easy but it wasn't, a few things went wrong and cost more time....

The last day! That was for the finish stuff. Everything has now a finish and is done. The downside if this stuff is that is has to dry for 24 hours and it has to have 4 layers. So I had one layer, but I'm done:D! I mailed my mentor and said that I was done and if I can stand on the exhibition. No answer. I mailed again. No answer. And the next day was the preparations of the exhibition. I was so sad and so angry, that I took my stuff home and go help with the preparations tomorrow. A classmate said others who didn't pass where allowed to stand there and thought it was stupid I wasnt send a mail. My table looks better than there stuff. I live 3 hours away from school so I didn't want to get my table, I rented a car that day to get my table home and didnt want to spent more money or be in a train with it. I said screw it and went home. I did a re exam of 3 days and I passed:)!

This project cost so much energy, so much emotion, that is was to much to handle. I'm kind of happy with it, I have made a lot of mistakes but I made it!