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Introduction: My Morning Routine (For Dry Skin)

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I don't have many problems with acne, however my skin is insanely dry, especially this time of year. So I'll show you my morning routine, along with a few makeup tips and tricks for hiding dry, flaky skin. It can happen to anyone. I hope this helps!

Step 1: Scrub!

I may not have acne problems, but I get blackheads... Everywhere. I look like Pinhead from Hellraiser. So the first thing I do is use a generic brand blackhead scrub with salicylic acid and scrub my entire face, focusing on the problem areas (chin, nose, forehead). Now, this stuff has little exfoliating beads in it, and those little boogers help scrub away all that flaky, dead skin, leaving you with a smooth face.

Step 2: Spot-treat Any Acne

Spot treat the occasional whitehead with a little acne cream. I use AcneFree Severe.

Step 3: Moisturize

Obvious step, right? I just use a generic brand sensitive skin facial moisturizer (the same brand as the blackhead scrub). I'll usually do this in 2-3 thin coats. So I'll apply one, make sure it's absorbed well, apply another, and so-on. I wouldn't do more than 3; we're going to be doing one more later.

Step 4: Under-Eye Cream (optional)

Because I have some serious dark circles and puffiness under my eyes, I use L'Oréal Eye Defense cream. Obviously, if you don't have this problem, don't worry about it. I will say, though, this stuff works wonders. I use it morning and night, and sometimes even under my makeup if I don't get enough sleep.

Step 5: Brush!

Another obvious step; the time it takes you to brush gives all the moisturizers you put on your face time to really soak in.

Step 6: Moisturize One Last Time

Just apply one coat of moisturizer this time.

Step 7: Makeup Tips & Tricks

Foundation: Whether you're using a BB cream or a liquid, always try to apply with a patting motion. The same goes for concealer. Not only does it give you better coverage, any flaky, dry patches won't be as obvious.

Concealer: Use an oil, not a cream. So tubes are good, jars are bad (generally speaking). Oil concealers are more thin and fluid, and they don't make dry skin as obvious as thick, cream concealers.

*If at all possible, avoid putting concealer on dry patches; it will make them look more obvious.

Powder: This is a must, and not just because it hides any shinyness and sets your makeup. It also helps blur any imperfections, helping to mask dry skin.

Step 8: That's All!

Now you can either apply your makeup or spend a morning relaxing with a book and coffee. This entire process doesn't take more than 15 minutes, and it works really well for me, although I do still have the most trouble with my skin at the beginning of fall.

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    8 years ago

    This is crazy... 5 of those products are also in my morning routine, haha. I love this though, very cute and well done.


    8 years ago

    you r truly so cute and beutiful


    8 years ago

    Aw thank you, Badger4700!
    And thank you, too Frostbourne. I should've included that! Great tip

    Amazingly well put together!

    I recommend in the fall, putting lotion on your face before you go to bed. It sure helped me regulate dry skin and "puncture holes" from metal bits hitting my face all the time.


    8 years ago

    not for me but you are beautiful!