Introduction: My Mulberry's Cordial

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Each year our weeping mulberry gives many fruits in April. I thought it's a shame not to take advantage of these delicious berries and syrups and soft drinks to have during the summer.

Step 1: Fruit Harvesting

The first step is to collect the berries of the tree; advise the use of latex gloves to keep your hands clean (the fruit juice loose an outrageous as to dyeing!)

Step 2: Already Started the Preparation of Syrup

This step is to extract the juice of the berries; why after rinsing properly if any, was weighed and added 20cl. of water per kilo of fruit. Below boil.

Step 3: Pressing the Fruit

Now it comes to squeezing fruit to extract the most juice. For this I use a pass puree and Chinese as a sieve.

Step 4: Insist on a Good Juicing

this is to insist recover as much juice as possible

Step 5: Penultimate Step: Weighing and Juice Concentration

will now weigh the juice and add the sugar at 700gr. of sugar per liter of juice extracted

Step 6: Finally: the Elaboration of the Cordial

for the elaboration of the syrup itself, seethe m'lange the juice / sugar over low heat for 5 minutes.
after we put in the bottle (preferably dark glass) ensuring Scalding bottle before filling

Enjoy it !!

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