Introduction: My New Sudhu Tewari Lamp

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I just picked up this awesome lamp, made by artist Sudhu Tewari. I got it at Langton Labs' Deceminate Craft Fair. It's 100% awesome and now graces my desk at Instructables HQ. Things I like about it:

  • The traces aren't too dense, and have really interesting shapes.
  • The PCB is translucent, giving the light a really nice hue. These are from some sort of mixer and are very hard to find.
  • You can see just a few components that were left on the inside of the lamp, silhouetted.

I'm currently looking into mounting a large u-shaped fluorescent bulb inside so that it will put out some serious light. It currently has a little 13W CFL in there.

UPDATE: I went ahead and put in a tall, 36W CFL. The lamp is a lot brighter and lights up evenly, now. I posted an instructable on how to do it.