Introduction: My Old Window Coffee Table

I moved to a new place recently and I immediately started looking for furnitures to equip my house from local stores and Ikea. One of the things I was struggling to find that would match the overall decoration and concept was a coffee table. So I decided to put my own signature and build one.

In the beginning, I thought of making something based on pallets, but as I am not a wood expert, I realized that this would be too much of a hassle for me.

The idea came to me after I saw a similar table made from an old door which caught my attention for its unique design and style. The next step was to find an old vintage window to meet my needs

Step 1: Finding an Old Window

Not an easy task. I was looking for traditional designed wooden windows with glass in the middle. Being transparent would give the illusion of a wider living room which was an issue in my case.

I was lucky to find actually two windows from an old village house in perfect condition, exactly as I had pictured them in my mind.

I decided to go for the larger one (45cm x 143cm x 5cm) as it would fit better in my space. I removed its knob (an option would be to leave it on) and after I cleaned it my window was ready to be transformed.

Step 2: Adding an Extra Glass

An extra reinforced glass (40cm x 122cm x 5mm) had to be added as the window glass was too thin to withstand any weight. The glass was placed firmly on the window's top side’s internal frame.

Step 3: Adding Wooden Legs and Extra Deck

The window was 5cm wide so I decided to go for 50 cm legs to make its height 55 cm in total. The legs were cut at 50cm x 7 x 4cm and were screwed to the window using L-shaped steel brackets. An extra wooden deck (42cm x 115cmx 2cm) was placed 13cm above the edge of the legs

Step 4: Paintwork

The final step was to paint the table. I chose white color as this was the original window color.

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