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I have recently moved and don't have the old workspace I used to have. We used to live in an 1800 sq ft house in the United States...

Now we live in a 1400 sq ft apartment in Japan. I lost my garage and some of my tools to storage, but I can still do some small projects in my new kitchen. I think for a while I will be working more along the electronics side of things. Bring it on, I just found a new electronics shop that I can't wait to rummage through.

Pictured are my old shelves I made from picking up scrap wood at construction sites. The benches I made from old plywood that was laying around my garage when we moved in. The light over the window was the old light fixture from when i remodeled the bathroom, recycle - reuse! I made tons of projects on that bench...

I also made two movable stands for my new band saw and one for my chop saw and router. I also have a Craftsman table saw that didn't get a stand yet and a scroll saw I need to mount up.

Having the power tools mounted on a movable table makes the work shop more versatile and easy to use. I don't believe in buying simple stuff that I can make though. I could move everything around to cut just about any size project and they could also be quickly moved to clean up around them.

I must have cleaned my shop about every other weekend. Instructables helped me make more than one mess!

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Good use of space, to say the least! I especially like the use of simple 2x4 brackets to create some really strong looking small shelves. Excellent.