Introduction: My Own Version of Angry Birds Game Using Javascript

About: I love coding especially game programming and arduino programming. I know to code in JAVAscript, Java, C++, C.

I have made a my own version of angry birds game version as I like coding .I tried my hands on coding and finally made this.

Step 1: Step 1: Downloading the Necessary Softwares

As the game angry birds very popular and comes in best 20 games of the world , so I have tried and I made a angry birds game myself using my knowledge of javascript and html but you may also need some softwares for programming , I have given the link below-

Web server

Visual Studio code

Step 2: Step 2: Programming the Game

Doing this is very necessary as without this your game may not work doing this needs a lot of patience than any other thing ,don't lose your patience as the result is worth our efforts and you will enjoy playing the game. Remember one thing that if you don't use physics engine the game not look like angry birds game.

Step 3: Step 3: Testing the Game !

I have created this amazing game I have shared the link to you , I needed nearly 11.17 hours for doing this , not on a stretch but 1 hour then for some time and then some time.

Click on the following to enjoy the mind blower game, press space to restart the game -Angry birds game (my version)

I will be sharing the code -Code for our project

Step 4: Thanks Instructables !

It is only because of you as no other site provides as much as chance for a hobbyist to showcase their hobbies, I love programming and instructables gave a chance to me to show how I code .