Fixing My Floor

Introduction: Fixing My Floor

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My painted floor was an idea I had for my own room/workspace. I am an artist and needed my own space, where I could put my computer, my paints, my easel, a drawing/painting table, seating....I only had a small dining room that was never used with ugly, old carpet.

I first cleared the room, ripped up the old carpet. THERE WAS PARTICLEBOARD.  OH LORD, WHAT DO I DO NOW?  My husband suggested the stick on tiles...naaaaanot exactly what I had in mind....

Off to Lowe's I go and I must admit when I told the employee what I wanted to do he looked at me like I was crazy.  Anyway, I came home with wood filler, walnut stain(because I wanted the floors dark) and any other necessary thing I might need.

First, I applied all the wood filler that needed to be, in the cracks of the particle board where it was laid together, etc.  Then after it dried I sanded that down. I must admit that looking around at all the spiky pieces of the particleboard I DID wonder if this was going to work....but onward I went.  

Next came the stain. I used a roller and slopped it on all over the particleboard, working my way out the door.  BIG MISTAKE! Listen up.  After you apply the stain you need to wipe it up with a rag.....thus, I did not do this and it took almost a week and my floor was still tacky.  What to do? ex husband used to use cat litter to clean up oil spills in his diesel shop...naaaa don't want to use up all my precious 4 cats litter.....THINGING.......RICE.  Rice drys out wet cell phones, etc.  Why not?  So, I poured bout 2 pounds of rice on the floor. My daughter and I had fun dancing around the room in old shoes. It did the job.  Next, I vacuumed up all the rice and damp moped the floor. 

Then I began laying out my design for my floor. My Coastie daughter had suggested painting a compass rose, so that was my plan. I love ravens and wild violets so they had to be in there somewhere.  I used acrylic paints.  This didn't take long to dry with the big fan going.

Next, I applied about 3 coats of polyurethane over the whole floor. It took a couple days in between coats for each one to dry.  

A good suggestion is to do this when it is NOT raining.... it will not dry as well when it is damp outside.

Alas, my beautiful floor. My husband was a bit leery of my whole project, but now he is very proud and shows it to anyone who comes to visit....

I have already shared this, but I think it needs a second look. This is something that many people never think of or figure it's too hard, but it's awesome....the whole process of learning by mistakes...and we all make them.  Happy DIY'ing

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    Does your floor feel a little rough because of the particle board? Also, does it show where you filled in with the wood filler, more smooth, different texture, etc.?

    Good for you for not listening to those who said it couldn't be done. It looks great.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have to ask: does the compass rose actually point north?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    yes, indeed it does.....haaaaa I made sure it did....