Introduction: My Pocket Door

About: I enjoy crafting and am always tinkering with something. I really love to work on my 1" scale doll house and the things that go inside of it.

This was a quick & easy way to add some storage to my 'She Shed'. ( which by the way is already full).

It also allowed me to get one more use out of those old jeans before tossing them.


1. Old pair of jeans

2. Staple gun

3. Scissors

Step 2: Remove Pockets

Simply cut out the front & back pockets. I like leaving a little jean around the pockets so I can staple it.

I also keep the back top strip where the belt loops are.

Step 3: Almost Done

Once you have your pockets cut out & you have a spot to hang them, grab the staple gun & get busy. Mine

are on the inside door of my shed. Sorry its a bit messy as it kind of got used to sample paints.

Like I said it was quick & easy & serves its purpose for me. One could actually do them a lot neater like if they were going to be used where they would be seen you could add colored lace or ribbon along edge of pocket.

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