Introduction: My Puzzle Box (The Unabox Project)

Heres a project I made from Make Magazine. The original plans can be a bit hard for the beginner so I modified the plans and created a box that still preforms just as good as the original. To open the box one must preform the following:

- Remove the locking pin (hold piece 1 and 2 in place).
- Slide piece 1 to the right (this allows piece 2 to move also).
- Piece 2 features a compound bevel cut that secures it to the box; the only way it will move to the right is if piece 1 has moved. 
-Move piece 2 to the right and the top can now be removed.
-To close the box simply follow the steps backwards.

The box is fairly good at keeping shut, but I used pine wood so it can break is theres enough force. If your more experienced I suggest you build yours out of oak or maple for a stronger box. For a better description on the box read Make Magazine volume 20 on page 65, or watch my video below.

If you like the Unabox Puzzle Box; you should check out my Enigma Puzzle box here:

EDIT/UPDATE!: Scans from the article are now available! Click the link to view/download via Flickr.