Introduction: My Recon CS-6/M16

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  I made this handle for my recon from the deploy and now it looks like a M16. I got this idea from my other successful mod "My FuryFire REV-10" Because my deploy broke and I mount a stock on my furyfire and now I want to mount a handle on my recon. You know how the sight that comes with the recon how it "sucks' well, this SCOPE will probably "suck", but it has a handle so...I can climb trees easily, cock it easily, and it looks like a M16.   M16-a American rifle that can be put on semi-automatic or automatic that also shoots a ball point projectile.   I did this by using a hand drill to drill 4 holes and screwed the handle in just how I did with the FuryFire mod. But I had to saw the handle off the blaster.

  For the people who want to try this, you will need the following:

The Recon CS-6

The Deploy CS-6 (broken)

A hand drill(not a electric drill because you'll break the blaster)

A screw driver

Some screws(any size, as long as their not too big)

And a hack saw(or any saw)

  First you'll need to saw the rail off. Second, you'll need to drill four holes on the handle and four on the Recon. Third, screw in the screws (make sure they fit). Finally, have fun and make it doesn't fly off.