Introduction: My Red Oak Longboard

About: I'm me!!

Decided to make a solid red oak board, needless to say it has NO flex, which I kind of like. It is a solid board and a bit on the heavy side, but it has a really smooth ride. All in all I think it is a great board. Also I did all the work on the board including the pattern, cutting, planing, sanding, staining, etc.

I went with red oak because of the look (I wanted to see a prominent wood grain, and the color of the wood), the lack of flex as flex boards make me very uncomfortable, and durability. As for the pattern on the back I intend to, at one point, paint the inside of the Fleur De Lis gold as I am a saints fan(hence the inspiration of my design).

Wheels are 75mm 80a Orangatang Durians with Redz bearings

Trucks are Randal's 180MM, 50 Deg.

Board is 39.5" long.