Introduction: My Resort

Hi, I would like to introduce you to the designing of my Resort.

Step 1: Starting to Build

Let’s start,

I started off by building a part of the resort by using the basic shapes of tinkercad like box,cylinder,etc

Step 2: Adding Some Features

Next, I made some railings for the building with the basic shapes and added on more features to the first part of the building of my resort

Step 3: Adding More Buildings

Then I started making more parts of the building to make it complete. Some parts pf the building which should look alike were copied and then pasted and rest of the parts were again made using various shapes.

Started making some paths and a some areas of swimming pool.

Step 4: Furnishing

At this point I added some furniture and various small things to the design

Step 5: Area to Hangout and Enjoy

Next I made a small area near the swimming pool to hangout with friends and family with some chairs and a shade to sit under and enjoy the warm sun in the morning.

Step 6: Swimming Pool

Modified the pool and added more features and trees to the surrounding

Step 7: Making It Eco-Friendly

Added more trees and plants to the surroundings of my resort to make it more eco-friendly.

Step 8: Adding Life

Adding some life to my design by creating some peoples with various shapes like cylinders,sphere,etc.

Step 9: My Resort

At this point we have completed the resort as a whole.

Various small features like furniture,trees,people,etc were added on.

Step 10: Construction of a Small Hotel Nearby

Adding a space to come sit and relax and eat a hearty meal.Making it using various basic shapes and various other tools.


Hope you like my resort.Come enjoy your vacation with your loved ones in my resort and have some beautiful memories.

Cherish each moment of your life and make it beautiful.

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