Introduction: My Simple and Handsome Skateboard

I named my skateboard after the name of our studio.

It looks ordinary and simple.

But this is exactly what makes it unique.

Simple pleasures.

Simply love.

Step 1:

1.First make a board 450mm long, 200mm wide and 15mm high.

Step 2:

2. The front and rear ends of the skateboard

need to be mad

(1) Set the roof 200mm high and cut it half along the axis.

(2) Stretch the remaining part to 180mm and change the
color to yellow

Step 3:

3.Make a cuboid and cut off part of it with a cylinder

Step 4:

4.Next, make wheels and set the cylinder to have a bottom surface diameter of 60mm and a height of 20 mm.

(1) Copy an identical wheel

(2) Next, make an axle and stretch the cylinder to 200mm with a diameter of 25 mm.

(3) Align the wheels and axles vertically

Step 5:

5. Combining the product of the previous step with the product of the third step, and copying the obtained product.

Step 6:

6. Fix the two axles on the working plane with a spacing of 550 mm.

Step 7:

7. Place the previously prepared board on top and center it

Step 8:

8. In order to make the skateboard look better, we decided to paste the name of our studio MAKER on the skateboard.

Step 9:

9. Set the letters to white to form a color contrast with the black wood board, and then stick the letters in the center of the template

Step 10:

10. Connect the previously prepared yellow ends to both sides of the boar.

Step 11:

Finally, this handsome skateboard was designed successfully.

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